They call for a national summit in Potosí and activate 4 ways to Pumari.  to free

Former Potosino citizen leader Marco Antonio Pumari’s legal defense activated four avenues to regain his freedom after the judiciary sent him into preventive detention for six months on Saturday for election crimes for the events of 2019.

The Potosinian Civic Committee (Comcipo) called for a march and council this Tuesday, while citizen groups and platforms will hold a national summit on the same day to determine measures against “political persecution”. The Committee for the Defense of Democracy (Conade) also convened national councils this Friday.

Compipo chairwoman Roxana Graz reported that Tuesday’s march will have at least four assembly points; Plaza del Minero, General Cemetery, University Avenue, Tinkuy Avenue and City Hall are held on the Dignity Bridge.

“We are very renegade. There has been a violation of his rights, it is a dictator-style witch hunt, he is jailed for no good reason, “he told the Central Program.

He stated, “There will be a national march and council, but there will also be a meeting and a summit for justice and freedom with all the civic leaders of Bolivia and there will be various organizations that form the bulwark of the struggle, including platforms, leaders the 21F. The meeting takes place in the morning and the march in the afternoon. The fight begins in Potosí ”.

Graz took over the leadership of Compipo after its president Juan Carlos Manuel went into hiding before it was announced that he, like Pumari, would be arrested by the police.

Yesterday afternoon there was a meeting between the Compipo management and the legal team that supports the former managers.

Lawyer Jorge Valda, who is part of the legal advisory team, reported that a four-step strategy was being implemented in the search for Pumari’s freedom and the “political persecution” would be stopped.

He said the lawyers appealed to Judge Raúl Barriga on the same day of the precautionary hearing in Llallagua, who placed the ex-citizen in preventive detention for six months.

He stated that in addition to the preventive detention appeal, there was a lawsuit on release that had already been accepted by a Santa Cruz Constitutional Court judge who convened a hearing to clarify the case at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon.

The freedom drive aims to protect the rights of Pumari, former leader of the mobilization committee Ramiro Subia, and two other leaders who were held responsible for the burning of the Potosí electoral court and alleged electoral obstruction.

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In addition, Valda pointed out that, along with former Attorney General Pedro Gareca and a group of lawyers in Sucre, a complaint is being made against national and departmental authorities that planned and allowed the “illegal” operation to arrest Pumari and the raids Compipo- Offices and other addresses that occurred last Friday night.

As a fourth option, lawyers file lawsuits in international courts.

“We implemented a joint strategy with their lawyers. We have filed an appeal, the deadline is already running. We also have the action of freedom. We are also with Dr. Pedro Gareca in Sucre filing a lawsuit for everything that has happened in Potosí since December 9th and we will present everything to the EU and the OAS, ”he said.

Civic Community MP Alberto Astorga denounced that “Pumari’s life is in danger” and that the ex-citizen’s detention in the Uncía prison was a dictatorial act.

Pumari menu

During the preliminary hearing, the former head of Comcipo Marco Pumari wrote a letter in which he asked the people for great strength in the face of the government’s “tough dictatorship” and urged them to continue fighting with more strength, because the fate of the country lies in its own the firmness of the people.

“I want to send a message of strength and hope and I ask you from the bottom of my heart never to bow your head and continue our struggle with greater strength, for the fate of our country lies in the firmness of our people.” In the face of this harsh dictatorship, “wrote he.

The document was given to his relatives, who shared the letter on the ex-citizen’s social networks. Minutes later, a police car was transporting Pumari to the San Miguel de Uncía prison in that department.

He also pointed out that, with his hand on his heart, he leaves to man the most holy of holies that he has in this life, the holiest of holies in this life, his family and his daughters, during this trial that life gives him, persists.

On the other hand, Pumari warned in an audio that was also broadcast on social networks that Bolivians are not ready to live in the dictatorship on the street and wherever they are.

The ex-citizen was arrested on Friday during a controversial police operation in Potosí, transferred to Betanzos, guarded in Llallagua and placed in preventive detention in Uncía prison because of alleged obstruction in the 2019 elections.

14 days of isolation

Marco Pumari was placed in the isolation ward of Uncía Prison for 14 days for biosecurity reasons.


The Mayor of La Paz, Iván Arias, protested against the MAS for having turned the population of northern Potosí into “undemocratic prisons”, alluding to the preventive prison that the former Potosino Marco Antonio Pumari will serve in Uncía and the MAS described by “haters”.

The Mayor of Cochabamba, Manfred Reyes Villa, said that “he does not know the case well” and that he was not in the country at the time, but it was “unusual” and “regrettable” that the police intervened at night to arrest a mayor transfer from one place to another. He said the country needs peace and unity, not confrontation. “You need to see all of the legal treatment in this case. As far as I know, the Constitution does not allow citizens to be captured at night. I don’t know the details, I haven’t been to the country, but I’m very sorry that a confrontation has to be entered, ”he said.


Movement for Socialism MP (MAS) Juanito Angulo said yesterday that the trial against Marco Pumari, a former Potosí citizen leader, was not about “political persecution” but an investigation into what happened in 2019 when he was staging together with other actors various mobilizations that “caused an uproar in the country”.

“He played a mobilization with other political leaders with the aim of overthrowing an elected government and disrupting the electoral process, which stems from the events we have witnessed. It is not that the MAS initiated this process, but that the President of TED Potosí, who was appointed by Jeanine Áñez, initiated this investigation process. It is absolutely impossible that this is a political process, it is a judicial process before the people of the acts committed by Mr Pumari, ”he said.

Angulo argued that there was enough evidence, such as the burning of the Potosí Departmental Electoral Court (TED) building when the votes were counted for the 2019 general election.

Senator Ana María Castillo (MAS) said the preventive detention of Pumari was a step forward in the search for justice for the families of the victims of the events in Senkata (El Alto) and Sacaba (Cochabamba).


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