They band together to approve the Police Promotion Act despite protests

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Freddy Mamani, assured yesterday that the draft law on the career of generals and the promotion of the police had already been sent unchanged to the Senate.

Meanwhile, former Deputy Interior Minister Emilio Rodas announced that the government’s minister, Eduardo del Castillo, had asked him to resign and, since he failed to submit, he was removed from office. Rodas was one of the proponents of the law of carriage.

After his dismissal as deputy minister of the interior, Emilio Rodas announced that Minister Del Castillo had requested his resignation, which he did not agree to. It was also found that there were differences in issues such as leadership style in the ministry and the police reform process.

“You replaced me. It was not my resignation, although I was told to resign earlier in the day, but I chose not to submit it because it was not my personal intention to leave the vice ministry. So it was a decision of the president I think. The reasons were not explained to me, but it happened so out of time, a bit uncomfortable, because if there are such transitions, you should at least have time to fix things, “Rodas said in an interview with Erbol.

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When asked if Del Castillo had asked him to resign, Rodas said: “Right, he summoned me early in the morning to tell me that it was a decision of the President so that we can take it easy, we can move with him a step down, but I told him I wouldn’t. “

Rodas stated that the president has the privilege to change his work team and that he understands this situation but does not agree to “do something in a way that is different”.

The law

At dawn on June 23, after a 12-hour debate, the majority of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) agreed in the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies that the police command should consist of the Minister of the Government, the General Commander, the Deputy Commander and NCO of the General Staff.

“The government minister (…) will always be within this police command; there is no exclusive police command that can be outside of our plurinational state, that is, in the CPE. The matter of amendment or approval is in the hands of the Senate, ”said Mamani.

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He added: “It is like the original version of the draft law (…), no change has been made as this issue was dealt with first in the cabinet, second in the commission and thirdly approved in plenary.”


Government minister will schedule promotions

Article 32 of the approved bill provides that the Government Minister must give his “approval” to the appointment of the Sub-Commandant General, the Chief of Staff and the Inspector General, all with the rank of General.

It also provides that it has legal authority to appoint the President of the Disciplinary Court, National Directors for Personnel, Intelligence, Planning and Operations, and the National Police College.

Likewise, the government minister must also approve the appointment of the nine department commanders and the general directors of Felcv, Felcn and Felcc.


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