They ask for an investigation against the citizens of Santa Cruz and Potosinos

Deputy Minister of Justice and Fundamental Rights of the Ministry of Justice, César Siles, said yesterday that a statement by a person who does not please the heads of state, or talk of “undoing” President Luis Arce, is a matter of sedition, conspiracy and terrorism. it needs to be investigated, according to a report by the ANF.

Say, “’We will not wait for him with roses,’ or the simple act of speaking publicly and mentioning the President and Vice-President, legally constituted with 55 percent of the vote, as ‘unwelcome people’ or speaking that they will ‘fall’. President Luis Arce, these are facts that undoubtedly need to be investigated, they are facts of incitement to hatred, terrorism, conspiracy, which the Ministry of State (must do) and the executive will do ex officio, it will be the appropriate ones Promote criminal investigations, “said Siles in an interview with the state broadcaster.

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“We call all the people of Potosí together: At the first offense we will go out to give back what they give us today (Monday), they gave us whips, tomorrow we will not wait for them with roses.” , we will not have empty hands, ”said the President of Compipo, Juan Carlos Manuel.

Two days earlier, on Saturday, Comcipo issued a resolution declaring President Luis Arce and Vice President David Choquehuanca “unpleasant people” for failing to comply with the region’s demands.

The day before, the President of the Committee for Santa Cruz, Rómulo Calvo, highlighted in the evaluation of the third day of the open-ended strike what happened in Potosí and said that there are social sectors like the miners who are away from the ruling party and become overthrow the government”.

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