They arrest the fifth person involved in the phantom objects in the CNS case

Prosecutors reported that a0p Williams VV, an officer with the National Health Fund (CNS) Treasury Department, was arrested and was responsible for paying salaries under the “ghost contract” case.

According to the public prosecutor Omar Mejillones, the detainee did not correctly confirm his identity and only made salary payments after several months.

He revealed that the subject already had a history of administrative proceedings from 2010 because he would have paid salaries even without the check.

According to the prosecutor, the defendant alleged that the identity card had been checked to settle the payments, but the State Ministry representative clarified that the biometric proof of presence should also have been checked and it is known that in the applicant’s case, there is none such record.

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Mejillones added that since the defendant already had a trial on a similar case, he should have been more careful.

The detainee has worked for the CNS since 2000 and has a relationship with the human resources department, said the prosecutor.

He announced that the prosecution would apply for the subject’s preventive detention, as escape and disability risks coincide.

In the course of the investigation, the public prosecutor’s office revealed that there are videos that are supposed to show who has collected money in accordance with the “ghost contracts” and that these are subjected to an expert opinion.


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