They arrest a man for the explosion in La Paz;  Examine connection with subdivisions

Lino CR, 56, was charged with exposure near La Paz Mayor’s Office, which injured two children and left more than a dozen broken glass in buildings in the area.

“This man lives near some places where the mayor of La Paz (Iván Arias) has banned settlements. According to preliminary information and subject to review, (Lino Ch. R.) would be a lottery in the La Paz department, ”said Government Minister Eduardo del Castillo in a press conference.

Del Castillo also pointed out that Lino CR has not yet made his informative statement and that he has changed his statements more than twice. “We are waiting for your official statement to be made to the State Department,” he said.

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The minister showed a video with the pictures of the route taken by the subject prior to the placement of the explosive device.

For his part, Arias highlighted the work of the government and police ministries, adding that the Mayor’s office of La Paz will be alert to violent groups.

“Let justice be done. Our thanks go to the government ministry and the national police for clearing up the chain of vandalism. We are vigilant to groups and individuals who seek to harm La Paz. Nothing will stop us from working to get La Paz moving, ”Arias wrote on his Twitter account.

Last Sunday at around 8:30 p.m., an explosive device exploded near a metal rubbish dump on Mercado Street, at the corner of Colón, near the La Paz mayor’s office.

The blast from the explosion shattered the glass in the fenced buildings and two minors aged 12 and 7 were seriously injured. Del Castillo reports that the children have no complications.


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