They are preparing regulations to require a vaccination card when traveling and in closed rooms

The Deputy Minister for Promotion, Epidemiological Surveillance and Traditional Medicine, María Renee Castro, announced on Friday that, as part of the agreement at the meeting with the health services and local authorities of the country’s capitals, the Ministry of Health is working on a regulation on the requirement of anticovid Vaccination card or PCR test for citizens who want to travel or participate in indoor activities.

“We have met with headquarters and the municipalities, and it is the first time that everyone has agreed on a request and the task they gave us to the Ministry of Health in order to be able to issue some regulations that meet the requirement of the vaccination card to enter some areas, but not mandatory, but to do some kind of biosecurity check, as vaccinated people are safe while unvaccinated people are the ones who may contaminate and bear the responsibility of losing a loved one, he said in statements to local media.

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In terms of social responsibility, it is important to provide a vaccination card or a negative PCR test so that people can go to the bank, to cross-departmental trips or to closed rooms.

He commented that it is not fair for the government to manage vaccines, drugs and tests to keep people from reaching the intensive care unit, but it is the person who has not been vaccinated who is responsible for these critical cases due to Covid-19 achieved.

Point nine of the agreement signed yesterday on this point reads: “To introduce vaccinations as part of the biosecurity protocols, the ministry is committed to updating the macrobiosecurity protocol and the venues must use the same guidelines on their premises that vaccination is voluntary the submission of negative PCR test results up to 48 hours after taking the sample until entering public areas, if people refuse the vaccination.

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