They are demanding that prosecutors investigate Baptista's complaints against the TSE

The resignation of member Rosario Baptista Canedo from the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) is a fundamental argument for the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) to easily co-opt the Plurinational Electoral Authority (OEP), analysts and politicians argue, suggesting that the complaints carried out should be investigated ex officio by the public prosecutor’s office. However, members of the National Council of the blue party are demanding that the member be removed from office and that it is inappropriate to accept their resignation.

“We must not forget that the ruling party began from the beginning to take over the TSE and the electoral courts of the departments (TED). First, with the appointment of the President’s Delegate to the TSE; then with the appointment of nine presidential members to the TEDs without the appointed members stepping down, ”said lawyer and analyst Paul Antonio Coca.

Coincidentally, political scientist Patricia Velasco points out that the MAS’s first step was to bring about the resignation of Salvador Romero Ballivián as president of the TSE, and also recalls that he was appointed by former interim president Jeanine Áñez after the recomposition of the Electoral body.

“There have been hints and even threats from the government against Salvador Romero. The first effect of the resignation then is to appoint the successor to Luis Arce Catacora, who has broken the precarious equilibrium within the TSE and imposes a majority of its members who are likely to join the ruling party, “it maintains.

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Senator Andrea Barrientos of the Citizen Community (CC) argues that Baptista’s complaint against her advice is a loss to democracy.

“The resignation of Rosario Baptista is a defeat for democracy, the complete takeover of the electoral body by the abusive mass movement. There is no democracy without the independence of powers, without respect for differences and human rights, ”he said.


Dina Chuquimia has been appointed Delegate to the President of the TSE by President Arce.

In one of its first speeches, the member defended the MAS and stated that there had been “no electoral fraud” in Bolivia.

On the other hand, member Daniel Atahuachi carried out activities with the ex-authority (Ramón Quintana) as an online consultant.

Francisco Vargas was also questioned for failing to accept Evo Morales’ disqualification as a candidate for Senator from Cochabamba.

The other members of the TSE are Óscar Hassenteufel Salazar, current president; María Angélica Ruiz Vaca Diez and Nancy Gutiérrez Salas.

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Attorney and analyst Coca said that the vocal Baptista’s complaints should be investigated ex officio by the prosecutor as they are very serious crimes that I am denouncing, and that the electoral body should be the collegiate body on the matter.

The MAS requests the removal of a member

Persecution, political pressure, among other things that the MAS could not lose an election, are some of the complaints of the noisy Rosario Baptista when she resigned from her post. According to Senator Luis Adolfo Flores (MAS), the member of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) must be dismissed for violating the electoral law and that it is not appropriate to consider his resignation, this Monday of the presidency of the plurinational. was presented to the Legislative Assembly (ALP). “Member Rosario Baptista presented his resignation to the Vice President of the State; I want to mention that I requested a written report that they need to consider in the Senate and send to the TSE because resigning is not equivalent, it is a function of functions, “he said.


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