They are demanding that Almagro be removed from the OAS in November, two years after Evo's resignation

The Bolivian ambassador to the OAS, Héctor Arce, announced that the general assembly of the organization would remove Luis Almagro from the general secretariat in November this year on the occasion of the second anniversary of what he called a “coup”.

The General Assembly of the Organization of American States will take place November 10-12 in Guatemala City. Héctor Arce expressed his wish that Article 116 of the OAS Charter be used for this occasion, which stipulates that Member States can, by a two-thirds majority, remove the Secretary General “if the organization is functioning properly”.

The dates of the General Assembly coincide with the second anniversary of the resignation of Evo Morales (November 10, 2019) and the assumption of office of Jeanine Añez (November 12). Arce highlighted the date match.

“Let’s wait in the General Assembly of OAS Nations on November 12th in Guatemala City, exactly after two years have passed since the coup d’état, Article 116 of the OAS Charter, which clearly states the possibility of retirement, is finally being applied.” , the suspension of the secretary general for serious misconduct, “said Arce, as reported by Erbol.

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The Bolivian ambassador to the organization said that if the Uruguayan did not resign from the General Secretariat first, the member countries would have to become “conscientious” and remove Almagro from the post in the General Assembly.

Last week the Bolivian government attacked Almagro at an extraordinary meeting of the OAS Permanent Council, accusing him of the 9th election announcement.

At that meeting, Almagro claimed that he had immunity under an agreement ratified by Bolivia in 1977.

Héctor Arce said that Almagro resorted to immunity as a sign of “arrogance”, “fear” and “doubt”. He confirmed that the current Secretary General of the OAS cannot be prosecuted, but that this does not prevent an assessment of his role at the administrative level.

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The former minister also criticized the work of the Bolivian press, which spread the version that the government did not do well at the Permanent Council meeting.

He said that if anyone was left alone it was Almagro, and even countries linked to his ideological position, such as Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil, were silent. At this meeting, the Bolivian government received support from the representations of Mexico, Argentina and Nicaragua, while other delegates confirmed their confidence in the organization’s election observation missions.


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