They are calling for an immigration warning against more than 40 former city councilors and former community leaders in the event of ghostly objects

The mayor’s office of Santa Cruz de la Sierra and his deputy Rolando Cuéllar (MAS) requested this Tuesday as part of the investigation into 800 phantoms. Immigration warnings against 43 former councilors and former municipal secretaries of former mayors Percy Fernández and Angélica Sosa elements in this council government in the past administration.

The demands for immigration warnings were presented that day by the General Director for Legal Affairs of the Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office, Éver Mérida, and Cuéllar, in order to prevent the former local authorities from leaving the national territory and to testify in this case.

Cuéllar reported that he presented a memorial to the State Ministry to address the criminal complaint in the case against the former collections secretary for the efforts of Fernández and Sosa, Joaquín Crapuzzi, who was known to have left the country this morning Expand Panama.

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The MAS MP said that the former authorities should not leave the country and should have taken root until the existence of not just 800 phantom objects but 2,500 was clarified. He warned that this “millionaire fraud” should not consume the Santa Cruz city council and the entire population.

The MP demanded that the State Ministry authorities and the Bolivian police, as part of the investigation into the case, issue requirements, “we want you to be arrested” so that the investigation can continue, he said.

Mérida also pointed out that the immigration warnings should be addressed to the former authorities in order for them to participate in the investigation he has launched into the case.

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The complaint about the existence of 800 phantom objects was filed by Valeria Rodríguez, who indicated that one of the people responsible for this act of corruption is her ex-husband and former HR manager Antonio Parada Vaca.

The prosecution set up a commission of inquiry, which also issued two arrest warrants against Antonio Parada and his brother Guillermo. That day, police carried out six raids looking for both people and arrested María Isabel Parada, Antonio Parada’s sister.

The Ministry of State and the Bolivian police said that Antonio Parada would no longer be in the country because he had gone abroad via an unauthorized border point.


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