They announce that 323,000 second cans of Sputnik-V will arrive in the country from next week

About 323,000 second cans of Russia’s Sputnik-V will arrive in the country starting next week, and the total is expected to be completed before the end of the month, said Deputy Minister for Foreign Trade and Integration Benjamin Blanco.

The vaccines will arrive in at least two deliveries, the first on August 27 and the second the following week, albeit without a set date, according to the Russian Investment Fund.

“They’ll be arriving (the cans) one by one as they’re being produced, and they’re going to deliver them to us so that by the end of the month we have what we need of those 400,000 for people who have already completed 90 days “he told White.

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The production problems of the vaccines exist up to now as well as the demand from other countries, nevertheless the deputy minister said that the Russian investment fund will prioritize Bolivia for upcoming deliveries.

Deputy Minister for Promotion, Epidemiological Surveillance and Traditional Medicine, María Renee Castro, asked people waiting for the second dose of Sputnik-V to “be patient” and asked the department’s health services for adequate information about the arrival of vaccines provide lines that should be avoided.

In recent weeks, the country has been bequeathed 277,000 second doses for those who have already completed 90 days, plus 77,000 for those who have already been vaccinated with the batch of 400,000, Blanco added.

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