They analyze the percentage of artists vaccinated for the Oruro Carnival

The Oruro Folklore Ensemble Association (ACFO) announced that the realization of the Oruro Carnival in 2022 will depend on the percentage of dancers, musicians and stickers vaccinated against Covid-19. In addition, they take into account the amount of the population vaccinated.

“As an institution of dancers, we will see if the will of the dancers and musicians, stickers and all the institutions involved in the Oruro Carnival is really there, the percentage of those vaccinated and the general population of vaccinated, to be able to see whether the next Carnival in 2022 is guaranteed or not, “said the president of the ACFO, Jacinto Quispaya, quoted by La Patria.

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On July 15th, the campaign “With Hope and Devotion to My Culture I will be vaccinated” began to vaccinate the actors of the Oruro Carnival and reactivate the sector.

The ACFO asked the presidents of the 52 ethnic groups to issue a report on the vaccination of their artists by September 30th and to assess whether or not the activity was carried out, according to the Oruro newspaper.

“According to the President of the ACFO, until the health situation and the percentage of mass vaccination have been assessed, one cannot speak of a general program of action for the next Carnival that also includes pilgrimage Saturdays, evenings, rehearsals, tours and delicacies,” explains La Patria.

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