They allow the Juana Azurduy Bonus to be paid out to bank accounts and free debit cards

President Luis Arce reported this Wednesday that the system called “Banca Bono Juana Azurduy” has been activated to allow beneficiaries to receive funding through free savings accounts and debit cards.

“In order to protect the health of our mothers, girls and boys, we launched the #BancaBonoJuanaAzurduy in times of the pandemic. Savings accounts are being set up and we are delivering debit cards free of charge so that beneficiaries of this bonus can collect it from ATMs, “he said. Medium of a Twitter message.

According to official information, the incentive was created by Supreme Decree 066 of April 3, 2009, which stipulates the guarantee of safe motherhood and the holistic development of the child population from zero to two years of age.

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All Bolivian mothers without short-term health insurance and children under two years of age receive the benefit. You just need to follow the full controls to access this benefit.

The pregnant woman from the beginning of the pregnancy up to the postpartum examination receives Bs 320 and the child for every bimonthly examination up to the age of two years receives Bs 1,500.

One of the prerequisites for financial resources is that the pregnant woman and the child under two years of age do not have short-term social insurance.

In the health center closest to where you live, the pregnant woman can have her prenatal care and the child have a comprehensive health check-up. You need to see the doctor to activate your charges.

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To register with the BJA, the pregnant woman must present her identity card, a photocopy and the pregnancy control card. For girls or boys, you must present the birth certificate, vaccination card and identity card of the mother or guardian.

You need to contact the authorized financial institutions, carry out prior checks and be able to collect your economic incentive.


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