They add voices in favor of Áñez's health and freedom.  insert

Former President Jeanine Áñez was unexpectedly transferred to the North Hospital in El Alto yesterday despite high blood pressure; However, doctors from the prison regime said he was stable. Meanwhile, they are adding voices from family members, activists and politicians who stand up for their health and freedom.

This is the third time the former president has left Miraflores Prison to seek treatment for high blood pressure. His daughter, Carolina Ribera, claimed she did not know the reasons for the transfer and that her life was in danger, but the prison reported that new medical studies were going on.

Amid the demands of activists, family members and members of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (Apdhb) and the National Committee for the Defense of Democracy (Conade), a sit-in was installed at the prison gates demanding the freedom of the former presidents and denouncing the violation of their rights on.

“We will be here until we remove them and they defend themselves freely,” said the president of the Apdhb, Amparo Carvajal.

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In a letter, Áñez asked the director of Miraflores Prison to visit Senator Centa Rek and Carvajal to discuss their health. However, this request was denied.

Meanwhile, the children of Áñez asked the Executive Secretary of the IACHR for a hearing to make the situation of the former president known.

“With all these abuses, my mother is doing very badly, my mother’s life is dying out,” complained Ribera.


Civic Community (CC) chairman Carlos Mesa yesterday proposed the intervention of international organizations to demand that Luis Arce’s government “meet the basic human rights requirements of former President Jeanine Áñez”.

“The government violates all human rights of the former president. Regardless of whether she is a past president or a former senator, she must be treated equally as a citizen, and what you do to her is harassment and a deliberate act to worsen her health, “she said.


Defense attorney Norka Cuéllar denounced the “irregularity” of the sudden move, pointing out that moving to the health center in El Alto would endanger the ex-president’s health.

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“She has high blood pressure. The hospital is 4,100 meters high and they don’t want to tell the family or the defense why or where (they are moving them). This episode is happening again that we’ve been watching all week, ”he said.

Jorge Valda, also Áñez’s lawyer, said that they will go to all instances in order to preserve the health of their client.

The UN receives data on Áñez

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner authorized the Technical Mission in Bolivia to receive information on the case of former President Jeanine Áñez through a letter from the Agency signed by the Head of the Americas Section of the Office of the High Commissioner, Alicia Londoño. .

The letter also states that “the international organization reports that the technical mission has been monitoring events since the beginning of the political crisis in October 2019, including investigations and judicial proceedings, as well as the detention and conditions of individuals. deprived of freedom ”.


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