They add ñez to defend yourself freely after an injury

Former presidents, lawmakers, authorities, human rights defenders, lawyers, the European Union, the United States and family members yesterday asked former President Jeanine Áñez to defend herself freely in the case of the alleged “coup” after learning about it hurt himself in Miraflores prison.

As soon as government minister Eduardo del Castillo reported that the ex-president had harmed himself, the demands were tightened.

Castillo said he regretted reporting that “Áñez tried to harm himself in the early hours of Saturday morning but he has a few small scratches on one of his arms but there is nothing to worry about.”

However, his attorneys Norca Cuellar and Luis Guillen said that Áñez grew tired of the abuse and was receiving inadequate medication, which deepened his depression.

“It’s a cry for help. The ex-president really exploded from the fact that she presented all the resources to defend herself freely and denied her, “said Cuellar.

“It is an attempt to take her own life from the ex-president, a cry for help, a cry for help in the face of all the powerlessness she has, which is intensified because there is no adequate treatment, she has injuries on” her arms ” he explained, Guillen.

Her daughter Carolina Ribera said, “I would like to ask the authorities that my mother defend herself freely. He is very fragile, in a severe depression ”. He continued, “I want to be locked up, but my mother should be free.”

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The European Union (EU) and the US Embassy expressed concerns about the physical and mental health of the former president.

“We are concerned about reports of Áñez’s mental well-being. We encourage the Bolivian government to ensure that it receives adequate care, ”said the US.

“The EU in Bolivia is hearing the news about the former president with concern. We hope that the relevant authorities will do everything possible to ensure their right to comprehensive physical and mental health, ”it said on Twitter.

The President of the Permanent Human Rights Assembly, Amparo Carvajal, arrived in prison but was not allowed to enter. “I don’t know what instrument he will have injured his body with, but his soul is already broken.” In addition, he accused the Attorney General Juan Lanchipa of not acting fairly in the processes of the 2019 crisis.

The former ministers of Áñez, Iván Arias and Óscar Ortiz, expressed their solidarity and demanded that their rights be respected.

Santa Cruz Governor Luis Fernando Camacho condemned Luis Arce’s government as “cruel” and called for the release of all political prisoners from the 2019 crisis.

The former president has been jailed for five months over the alleged electoral fraud crisis that led to the resignation of Evo Morales and the interim government of Áñez.

His defense recalled that the GIEI had called in its crisis report not to abuse preventive detention.

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Former Presidents Jaime Paz Zamora, Carlos Mesa and Jorge Quiroga yesterday made an urgent call to save the life of former President Jeanine Áñez after seeing her on the pilgrimage to medical care and heavily guarded.

The three ex-presidents issued a statement claiming that the medical reports and moving images circulated show the deteriorating health of the former president, who was in preventive detention in Miraflores five months ago.

For this reason, they consider it “crucial and urgent to review their legal position and take alternative measures that will enable them to defend themselves and uphold their right to health, life and integrity”.

They warn that their imprisonment can have unfortunate consequences for them, their families and the country, and make it clear that human rights take precedence over all political disputes and that the state through its authorities is obliged to guarantee them to every citizen without discrimination of any kind .

The ex-presidents said they are considering this humanitarian request in light of the grave situation of the former president of five months in prison on charges of a fabricated “coup that never happened”.

They also call for international human rights organizations to review the former president’s physical and emotional situation in order to take the steps to ensure the full enforcement of her human rights.


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