There were three millionaire robberies in El Alto in less than 3 months

In less than three months, attackers in El Alto took away at least $ 260,000 and 4.1 million bolivianos, the first two robberies being carried out by two mining companies from which they stole 3.5 million bolivianos. The last robbery occurred that Friday morning when armed criminals captured $ 260,000 and 600,000 Bolivianos.

The first case was recorded on July 18, when other criminals took away a shipment of 1,900,000 Bolivians from the sale of gold from a trading company. The cooperative concerned was 15 de Agosto.

On that occasion, the then director of the El Alto Special Unit to Fight Crime (Felcc), Limbert Coca, said that investigators were surprised by the fact that the treasurer of this cooperative had brought this amount of money without security measures. including the endangerment of his family since his wife and son were beaten in the act. The man was attacked while entering his home.

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From the Felcc de El Alto, they suspect that the thieves had information about the withdrawal of the money in both robberies.

Not a month has passed since then, and on August 11, a group of thieves in the May 14 area in the Ventilla sector in District 8 of El Alto stole 236 thousand dollars belonging to members of the Porvenir Mining Cooperative. The armed robbery was carried out by three suspects who managed to steal millionaire loot in a truck from the mining center of Caracoles de La Paz.

On this occasion, the regional police commander Leonel Jiménez reported that around 5:00 p.m. the representatives of the cooperative were approached by armed criminals who even shot in the air to scare their victims.

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He found that the money was strangely transported in an ambulance. And according to those affected, the suspects did not wear ski masks and their faces were exposed.

Yesterday, a new millionaires event worried the neighbors, in which six masked men attacked two officials who were involved in the business and sale of Chinese automobiles with armed hands. $ 250,000 was stolen from them.

The incident took place yesterday in the city of El Alto, the victims carried the money accompanied by a police officer from the Physical Security Battalion to the Banco Unión (BU).

“These subjects had long guns, a 9-millimeter machine gun and a 7.62-millimeter machine gun. Housings were found at the scene and three people were injured in the attack,” said the police chief.


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