Victims of the ambush in Vila Vila ask for the case to be reopened according to OAS report

“The most critical situation occurred on November 9, 2019 in the city of Vila VIla, Oruro department, with the violent confrontation between those who blocked the road and the members of the caravan. The latter suffered attacks with stones, dynamite and tear gas, resulting in a More than 60 people were injured and some of the buses in which they were transported were damaged and partially burned by hostages who suffered attacks and torture.

The notice is contained in the report sent this morning by GIEI-Bolivia to President Luis Arce.

On that day, the caravan of civic and university students moved from Oruro to La Paz to step up anti-election fraud mobilizations, but was intercepted by Evo Morales supporters and officials, as it became known at the time.

One of the victims of sexual abuse said at the time that the loyalists of the then president forced her to undress and then were beaten. Another member of the caravan reported attempted sexual abuse.

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“The residents of the village suffered the burning of houses, pastures and fields. Medical services mobilized to care for the wounded were prevented from working diligently and received attacks and threats of destruction. The caravan was rescued with the support of the police and into the city Oruro returned, on whose journey she was again confronted with blockages and stonings ”, it says in her report of the GIEI.

After the events in Vila Vila, miners belonging to the Potosí Federation decided to reinforce the Caravana del Sur, the report said. “About 60 buses left the city of Potosí on November 9, 2019. Then the caravan of miners and miners encountered similar blockades and attacks on their way through the highways. An attempt was made to implode a bridge to prevent the caravan come over. ” In the Playa Verde plain, between the towns of Challapata and Huancané in the Oruro department, members of the caravan were attacked with long-range weapons. Five gunshot wounds were reported.

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Prosecutors recently closed the investigation into the ambushes in Vila Vila and Playa Verde, allegedly for lack of evidence; However, the investigation team asked for this investigation to be reopened in order to find those responsible.

The investigative group notes that “the ministry’s investigation into the above-mentioned events has been fragmented and poorly carried out, without any clarification or definition of responsibilities. The victims have not received any form of reparation physical, psychological and economic harm suffered “.

The report also refers to the “Southern and mining caravans that gathered in the city of Oruro, from where they set out for La Paz on November 11, 2019. As they passed the city of Caracollo, there was a confrontation with the parishioners . in which stones and dynamite were used. A miner’s hand was injured by an amputated young dynamite boy. The existence of several roadblocks and the constant harassment of the ambulance that transported him prevented adequate medical care ”.


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