There are voices calling for a new COB board to be elected

The votes are added to convene an Ordinary Congress of the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) and elect the new executive branch of the parent body of workers. They claim that Juan Carlos Huarachi negotiated with Jeanine Áñez’s interim government to extend his post and called for the resignation of former President Evo Morales.

“Not only Huarachi, but all of his executive committees have allegedly extended their functions due to a provision of an extended in the city of El Alto in March 2020 and regional CODs that violate workers’ regulations,” emphasizes the economist and former COB boss Lucio González.

Attorney Roberto de la Cruz pointed out that Huarachi and his executive committee are already in illegal positions since their mandate ended in 2020, they also did not represent the workers or respond to any party.

“He sold the principles, the sacred postulates of the country’s working class that they ate, slept and enjoyed power, he betrayed the working class, so he must leave the Bolivian workers center, let some revolutionary man take over the leadership of the workforce” , he said.

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He added that a national expansion of workers should be called for because Huarachi “has been extended, it is extended, it is raffled, it sells the COB, its leadership is no longer legitimate, it is time to get the COB back” .

To indicate that the Confederación Sindical Única de Trabajadores Campesinos de Bolivia (Csutcb) has called for an ordinary congress to be convened to change the leadership of the workers’ organization.

“Mr. Huarachi’s management has completed in accordance with the mandate established by the organic statute. In addition, Mr. Huarachi finally called for the resignation of President Evo in 2019, ”said Csutcb International Relations Secretary Omar Ramírez.

“Comrade President (Evo) we call on you to reflect that you can safely assume this responsibility. If it is necessary to step down to pacify the Bolivian people, President, we do it, we say it from the COB, to pacify the country at the national level, ”Huarachi said on November 10, 2019.

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After Morales ‘resignation, the Ministry of Labor declared to the transitional government by a ministerial resolution: “The extension of the mandate and the declaration of the Executive Committee of the Bolivian Workers’ Center (…) for a period of two years, calculated from February 25, 2020 to February 24, 2022” says the only article in the document.

At the request of the CSUTCB, the Central Obrera Departamental de Chuquisaca joins.

Huarachi justifies his extension

Juan Carlos Huarachi, Executive Secretary of the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB), confirmed that his management will remain at the top of the union organization until 2022, downplaying the demands of the Confederación Sindical Única de Trabajadores Campesinos de Bolivia (CSUTCB) to resign from the secretariat.

“There are leaders who are ignorant of organic life, statutes, or regulations. I have to stay until 2022, ”Huarachi assured in contact with the press.

He confirmed that the extension of his mandate was organically determined by the workers and the government only receives the process of legalizing such a decision.


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