There are six phantom elements processed by the case

Two weeks after the investigation into the corruption scandal in the Santa Cruz mayor’s office accelerated, six main defendants, three of whom are in preventive detention.

The case was uncovered due to a couple conflict. Valeria Rodríguez convicted Antonio Parada of the division of property.

Now Parada is the prime suspect, still in Brazil. The whereabouts of his brother Guillermo are unknown.

The first inmate, César Herbas, former head of the contract department, was identified as one of the “recruiters” for the production of at least 800 ghost items. He was taken to Palmasola Prison for the crimes of wasteful behavior, negligence and others.

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Javier Cedeño, former head of human resources and an employee of Antonio Parada, was later arrested. It also included the former mayor and her family.

The last person arrested, the former incumbent mayor Angélica Sosa, has to answer for breach of duty, uneconomical behavior and other allegations. Her situation became complicated after the arrest of Javier Cedeño, who accused her of hiring even small pieces of staff for her election campaign.

Sosa’s defense called the trial unlawful because the witnesses failed to provide evidence and announced an appeal. Former Mayor Percy Fernández is also charged.


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The husband of the former interim mayor of Santa Cruz Angélica Sosa, Sergio Perovic, admitted to working with the Santa Cruz Somos Todos faction at the invitation of the former mayor Percy Fernández, according to El Deber.

Perovic responded to the allegations after the statements of the former director of the personnel department Javier Cedeño, who stated that Perovic worked as an advisor to the mayor’s office and issued orders to officials.


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