The vaccine effectiveness study begins next week

The Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA), in coordination with its counterpart in San Simón (UMSS) and other universities, will begin investigating the effectiveness of vaccines against Covid-19 in Bolivia next week, reported researcher Roger Carvajal.

In an interview with Los Tiempos and Grupo Centro’s A Media Mañana program, Carvajal confirmed that this study is part of the fourth phase of clinical vaccine research, which will look at the effectiveness of different doses in the population.

“The idea that there is is to do a study on local efficacy, so the state commissioned us with studies and also the San Simón (University) on efficacy to know how much they really protect, how much immunity How much ability people have to develop antibodies, what types of antibodies, whether they immunize, how long their effects last, among other things, ”said Carvajal.

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The study will help the state make decisions about the vaccination campaign and define new strategies.

The study will be extensive and include thousands of volunteers in the country’s capitals and rural areas.

“We’re going to differentiate the response in different demographics by age so we know if the response is different for certain people and if the duration is different,” he said.

He said that volunteers who wish to participate in the investigation will be publicly summoned and that this has already been coordinated with the health services of the department.

See the full interview:


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