Government presents new vaccination card and an app to verify its authenticity

The Deputy Minister of Defense for User and Consumer Rights, Jorge Silva, reported on Wednesday that the vaccination card does not necessarily have to be printed out and is not fined.

“We have received complaints from some consumers who denied them access to markets or supermarkets because they did not print their vaccination card and that is not correct. The Supreme Decree (4641) says you must have your ID with you, but you can carry it with you in the application created by Agetic (Electronic Government and Information and Communication Technologies Agency), “he told ABI.

At the authority’s discretion, the paper should be left behind, so it should be replaced with the application on the mobile phone so that it should not be necessary to print the document.

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He added that complaints had been received that some people in charge of checking the vaccination card were asking for fines.

“The decree does not provide for a fine, it cannot be that a person who does not have a vaccination card or PCR has to pay a fine, this is illegal because we would be confronted with extortion or corruption,” explained Silva.

Other complaints received during those first few days of the year include that some facilities require the card to be valid despite the Ministry of Health issuing a statement that the certificates issued prior to the adoption are valid for five Working days, so until Friday.

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He also said that the vaccination card for tourists or Bolivians who have gone abroad for vaccination and are now returning can show their vaccination card issued in those countries.

“It is not here who is claiming, this is also an issue that is prohibited because until you validate these cards, they are valid,” he said.


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