The US urges Bolivia to institute fair trials for government officials and opponents

Following the GIEI report on the events of 2019, the United States congratulated the work of the group and urged Bolivia to put in place legal procedures that ensure fair treatment of government officials and opponents.

“We congratulate the IACHR in Bolivia-sponsored GIEI on its investigation into the tragic violence in late 2019 and call on the Bolivian government to institute impartial and credible judicial processes that ensure fair treatment for their political allies and opponents,” says a tweet from the Office of Western Hemisphere Affairs.

The Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) concluded that the events during the 2019 political crisis included “state responsibility” for the serious human rights violations committed between September and December 2019, a time when Evo Morales and Jeanine Áñez in command of the country. The events that killed at least 37 people in 2019, a time when Evo Morales and Jeanine Áñez ruled the country. The events that left at least 37 dead.


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