The urban education in Cochabamba is refusing to return to teaching according to the mixed modality

The Urban Teachers of Cochabamba this Friday expressed their opposition to the return of school activities under the personal or mixed modality from Monday June 28th. They indicate that there are no conditions for teachers or students.

“Only then does it seem that the contagion in distance and virtual mode is subsiding, as there are no conditions for blended or face-to-face,” said the head of the sector, Norma Barrón.

At the moment the Departmental Directorate of Education (DDE) has not provided instructions for return to class and the modalities that will be used.

In La Paz, instructions were given to only resume schooling in distance mode.

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Education Minister Adrián Quelca reported that the return to classes will be gradual from June 28, following the health reports of the pandemic and Senamhi.

He noted that schoolwork is done remotely and semi-presented, which excludes face-to-face teaching.


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