The United States and the European Union are concerned for the well-being of former President Áñez

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The United States (US) and European Union (EU) embassy on Saturday expressed concern about the physical and psychological condition of former President Jeanine Áñez after she tried to commit suicide. They called on the government to guarantee their right to health.

“We are concerned about reports of Jeanine Añez’s psychological well-being. We encourage the Bolivian government to ensure that she receives adequate care,” said a message on her US diplomacy social network, Twitter.

The ex-president injured one of her arms at dawn this Saturday to attack her physical integrity. Áñez suffers from chronic arterial hypertension, for this situation his defense has indicated that he has lost weight, cannot keep his balance, cannot get up and is lying on his bed for a long time because of his weakness.

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The European Union has also expressed concern and hopes that the relevant authorities will fully guarantee their right to health.

“The EU in Bolivia is hearing the news of former President Jeanine Áñez with concern. We hope that the relevant authorities will do everything possible to guarantee their right to complete physical and mental health,” said her Twitter account.

Áñez has been in preventive detention since March and is under investigation for sedition, terrorism and conspiracy. Deputy Lidia Patty (MAS) filed the complaint against the former president and other former authorities of the transitional government.

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Recently, at the request of the public prosecutor, the judiciary imposed an additional six months of preventive detention, which means that he will be in this state until February 2022, the measure was ordered after the State Ministry uncovered the “coup” case in two trials.

Áñez faces at least seven trials, the most prominent being the “coup d’état” in the ordinary justice system; Meanwhile, the attorney general’s office this Friday brought charges to the Supreme Court of Justice for the deaths in Sacaba and Senkata.

The indictment came after President Luis Arce moved to speed up the process of accountability for those killed during the October-November 2019 conflicts.


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