The UN, journalists and the ombudsman stand up for Abecor and demand guarantees for their work

The Mission to Bolivia of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (Oacnudh) and the Office of the Ombudsman stood up for the cartoonist Abecor and asked for guarantees for his work in the face of the threats received.

The international organization confirmed on Twitter that “hate speech has no place in a democratic society and is an attack on freedom of the press and freedom of expression.”

“Hate speech has no place in a democratic society and is an attack on freedom of the press and expression. Threats against #Abecor require clear responses that protect the work of journalists and promote free, independent and plural media (sic),” he said.

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After publishing a cartoon in the Página Siete newspaper in La Paz on October 18, relating to Attorney General Wilfredo Chávez, he received a number of threats on his social networks.

The ombudsman also issued an opinion on Abecor’s situation and urged state authorities to investigate the threats received.

“We demand that the state authorities investigate the threats against the cartoonist Abel Bellido, known as #Abecor, and guarantee him guarantees for the performance of his work and his right to freedom of expression enshrined in the CPE. (Sic) ”, he reads a post from the Defense Agency on Twitter.

The National Association of Journalists of Bolivia (ANPB) and the Association of Journalists of La Paz (APLP) issued a statement declining the threats against the cartoonist, calling for “full guarantees”.

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The press unions condemned violations of the human and constitutional right to freedom of expression, which is protected by the state’s Political Constitution and by the Constitutional Protection Bloc under the American Convention on Human Rights and the Printing and Printing Act, as well as the National Code of Journalistic Ethics.


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