The UMSA recognizes Tomasa Medina as a dignified Bolivian woman

On October 11th, Tomasa Medina, a coca producer from the Yungas who has fought for the regaining of the association of coca producers (Adepcoca) in the departments, received the recognition as a dignified Bolivian woman, awarded by the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA).

“I am very happy, I did not expect this pleasant surprise, I have no words to express myself, I am very grateful to the UMSA, I thank God for everything. This recognition of my person goes to all women of the three provinces of Yungeñas, ”he emphasized.

Speaking to Los Tiempos, Medina reported that the coca producer bases that are not affiliated with the MAS are maintaining the state of emergency as the governor intends to make another market viable in La Paz, an aspect that is against the political constitution of the State (CPE), which only recognizes two markets: the State of Sacaba and the Adepcoca of Villa Fátima in La Paz.

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