The TSE insists that an audit of the registry is not required

The Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) believes that on the occasion of presenting its management report for 2021 and opening the election year 2022, it is unnecessary to carry out an examination of the electoral roll and create a new one because of the costs it would charge. He also defended the current record and reliability of the 2020 general election.

“There was talk of the need to conduct an electoral roll check. We said we didn’t think it was necessary. We always think the same. However, this does not mean that we are against it. We simply believe that this test must be carried out by a reputable and experienced organization, such as

American states, the European Union or Uniore. The other aspect to consider is economic. The Supreme Electoral Court lacks the necessary funds for this, ”said TSE President Óscar Hassenteufel in his speech.

Regarding the request to set up a new registry, he said that “TSE did some preliminary calculations and concluded that it would require a budget of approximately $ 54 million, an amount the court does not have either. “

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In this context, Hassenteufel defended the consistency of the electoral roll and the 2020 parliamentary elections, despite the questions that arose on these two aspects, expressed on the one hand by former TSE spokeswoman Rosario Baptista and by political actors who questioned the October 2020 elections .


In the course of the future tasks of the TSE, they point out that “we will update the biometric platform in the shortest possible time, for which we already have a sufficient budget of 30 million Bolivians.”

“When we talk about updating the biometric platform, it should be clear that we are referring to the equipment of the platform and the electoral roll as they have already reached their useful life as they are over 10 years old. At the same time, the solution to be purchased provides for the shared use of fingerprint and facial biometrics, which leads to more security and transparency, ”said Hassenteufel.

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In this regard, the president of the TSE said that the current 2009 electoral roll did not include any observations during the electoral process in subsequent years, including the February 2016 referendum when he won the no to indefinite re-election to elected authorities.

Regarding the 2020 electoral process, he recalled that the various election observation missions had given their positive opinion on these elections and, in particular, the political organizations that intervened “expressed their approval.

As part of future tasks and proposals, the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) is considering the “modernization of the biometric citizens’ register”.

For this purpose, the update of the registration application (biometric and civil), the implementation of the RC-BIO consular application, the integrity analysis of the electoral roll 2022 and the security analysis of the electoral roll infrastructure are planned.


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