The stifling of independent media is due to Morales' efforts

The attacks on the independent media that monitor and report on the actions of the ruling Movement to Socialism (MAS) are continuing, calling for “zero advertising for media mercenaries,” as the government calls them.

MAS supranational MP Adolfo Mendoza pointed out that “any company or public body that provides funding for advertising in these media (other than citizen information) becomes a collaborator in democratic destabilization”.

Meanwhile, Bolivian newspapers, represented by the National Press Association (ANP), declined their presence at the meeting called by Vice Minister for Communication Gabriela Alcón for that day and asked that the date be postponed to ensure the presence of all media involved Organization.

Evo Morales and Luis Arce, among others, question the role of the media, which report impartially but, in their opinion, are attacks on their government.

It should be noted that “the economic suffocation of the media goes back to the Morales administration and is replicated in the Arce administration, as it discriminates against those who do not replicate administrative, political or other actions in the spirit of the MAS”.

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“There is no fundamental right to receive funding from the state for publication. Only if the state allocates these resources in a discriminatory manner will the fundamental right to freedom of expression be violated. A state could deny advertising to all media, but it cannot deny this access to just some media on the basis of discriminatory criteria, ”emphasizes the Declaration of the Principles on Freedom of Expression, among other things.

Attack on freedom of expression

“The use of state power and the resources of public finances; the granting of tariff reductions; the arbitrary and discriminatory allocation of official advertising and official credits; The allocation of radio and television frequencies, inter alia, with the aim of putting social communicators and the media under pressure and punishing them or rewarding and privileging them because of their news programs, violates freedom of expression and must be expressly prohibited by law. The media have the right to carry out their work independently. Pressure to silence information work is incompatible with freedom of expression, ”says the declaration of principle on freedom of expression.

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ANP media did not attend an appointment with Alcón. part

In recent days, Deputy Communications Minister Gabriela Alcón accused the media of promoting disinformation regarding the crisis facing the central government under Law 1386 on the Strategy to Combat Illegal Profits and Terrorist Financing.

The agency convened media directors to address the problem. However, the National Association of Journalists of Bolivia (ANP) asked the Vice Minister for Communications to postpone the meeting with the directors of journalistic media “in order to avoid the current hostile climate”.

“With reference to your note, I inform you that the difficulties of synchronizing the presence of myself and the members of the ANP Board of Directors who live in different cities with just one day in advance compel us to apologize from the Participation in the meeting called by his office, “said the reply to Vice-Minister Alcón.


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