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Two people, without identifying themselves, claim to belong to a group called “Wila lluch’us”, and in a video published on social networks they threatened again to burn down the house of the President of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (APDHB), Amparo Carvajal because it “supports the neoliberals”.

“Once again the warrior army ‘Wila lluch’us’ protests that these bad judges, bad policemen have protected the house of (Amparo) Carvajal, this house that was built with the economy of the people, we comrades have to burn. That’s why we organize us and we will go anytime, ”said one of the people in a video released by Qhana Pacha News over the weekend.

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In another video dated August 28, the same people threatened to burn Carvajal’s house down. “Brothers soldiers, at the moment we are coordinating, we are paying attention because we are going to burn down the house of this woman (…) who defends the murderers, the coup plotters like Jeanine Áñez,” they said.

They affirm that they are also organizing to incinerate former Ombudsman and current Santa Governor Luis Fernando Camacho and former Presidents Jorge “Tuto” Quiroga and Carlos Mesa.

They point out that the “coup plotters” should be held in a prison on the slopes of Nevado Illampu so that they can feel the cold. “For this I ask the government of Lucho Arce, the brother of Jilata, David Choquehuanca, and the government minister Carlos Eduardo Del Castillo to build a prison on the slopes of Illampu,” they said.

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Amparo Carvajal held a march in August demanding that former President Jeanine Áñez and all those detained for “political persecution” be released so that they can freely defend themselves.

She was also questioned by the government for visiting one of the Cochala Youth Resistance (RJC) activists in Cochabamba and expressing her support for the organization.


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