The session of the National Autonomous Council begins

The session of the National Autonomous Council began this Monday in the Casa Grande del Pueblo in La Paz with the notorious absence of President Luis Arce and the Governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho.

The event will be chaired by incumbent President David Choquehuanca, and eight of the country’s nine governors will be present in addition to Camacho.

The governor of Santa Cruz decided not to keep this appointment as there were no guarantees, as reported from his office.

Camacho, however, traveled to Potosí to take part in the summit for democracy and the planned mobilizations against the political persecution of the government.

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In Potosí, a march and council are set to reject the arrest of former Ombudsman Marco Pumari, who was arrested last week during a controversial police operation and charged with allegedly obstructing electoral processes in the 2019 elections.

For citizens, this detention, along with other raids, is part of the MAS’s political persecution of those who denounced Evo Morales’ electoral fraud.

In 2019, Pumari and Camacho led the protests against then-former President Morales.

President Arce, on the other hand, does not attend the regional meeting because he has traveled to Cuba to attend the meeting of the ALBA heads of state.


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