The school year 2022 starts on February 1st according to the three modalities

From February 1, 2022, school work will begin across the country and will be personal, mixed and virtual according to the epidemiological situation of each municipality according to the current modalities, Education Minister Edgar Pary reported yesterday.

“That is officially confirmed. On February 1, 2022, we started the educational work, taking into account the behavior of the epidemic in the context of each educational unit, “said the authority in an interview with Unitel.

The goal for the next year is the personal start of school work, announced the authority. This is already done in coordination with the local authorities; However, he said it would all depend on epidemiological reports from the Ministry of Health authorities.

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The progress of vaccination, both among teachers and students, and among parents, will be one of the elements that will be considered when returning to educational activities.

“We call for reflection in society as a whole, parents who have not been vaccinated and can do so now, because in some ways success or failure (returning to face-to-face teaching) depends on it,” he added.


Pary added that they are already working with the authorities of the subnational governments to condition the infrastructures of the educational units with biosecurity measures and all the necessary equipment to avoid contagion with the coronavirus.

Since the pandemic hit Bolivia in March 2020, there have been problems migrating to virtual classes due to difficulties with internet access.

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Edgar Pary asks people to get vaccinated

According to the Minister of Education, one of the important aspects for returning to face-to-face teaching is vaccination, but not only for students and teachers, but for the population in general, as the sources of infection are not only in schools, but also in places where people congregate.

In a brief assessment of how the three forms of education work, Pary argued that education works in all aspects because the teacher evaluates the student based on what they have learned in the classrooms and the support is provided in the same place if a student has a certain weakness.


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