The Santa Cruz government denounces the diversion of funds for the Democratic mayoral campaign

The Santa Cruz government this Monday denounced the alleged diversion of 700,000 Bolivians from this unit in the Democratic campaign for the Santa Cruz mayor’s office in the regional elections last March.

The legal secretary of the department, Efraín Suárez, announced on Monday that the complaint will be submitted to the public prosecutor’s office for economic damage to the state and breach of duty.

In a press conference, Suárez revealed the diversion of funds originally intended for the campaign against Covid-19 but used to bolster Democratic canvassing. “In one case, digital advertising for information about the prevention of Covid-19 was commissioned for an amount exceeding 200,000 baht and used to spread the image of the candidate (Roly Aguilera),” he explained.

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The lawsuit is expanded to include the use of 500,000 baht for renting street posters, which was used between January and March 2021 to promote the image of the candidate for the office of Santa Cruz Mayor for the Democrats, Roly Aguilera.

He said the resources should be used to educate the population about Covid-19, so he announced that they will send the data and evidence to the State Department to facilitate the investigation.

Aguilera refuses

Aguilera stepped out of the allegations and denied them. “This is absolutely false data,” he said and, according to El Deber, called for the “seriousness” of the information disclosed.

The former Democratic candidate said the complaint “shows a fence donated and maintained by ‘tahuicheros’ as a token of” support for his friend Roly “.

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Aguilera compares the complaint made by the current government agencies to the approach taken by the Movement towards Socialism. “It seems they are learning from the MAS by throwing smoke screens. They have the audacity to say it’s phantom advertising, if your management is phantom nothing happens,” he said.

Aguilera asks Suárez to “work because that’s what they are here for.”

For Aguilera, Creemos’ reaction is nonsense. “Eight months later, they file the complaint, but what are the channels for?” He said. He called on the government to “conduct an investigation” and recalled that previous complaints against Costas’ management had been vigorously answered.


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