The public prosecutor regards the former Evo deputy minister, who was rescued in Chile and applied for asylum, as a

Eduardo Peinado Rivero, former Vice Minister for Medium-sized and Large Enterprises and Industry in the government of Evo Morales, has been called a “refugee” by the Bolivian public prosecutor. The former agency recently entered Chile irregularly and was rescued in that country, dehydrated and hypothermic in the border area.

Prosecutor Martha López reported that Peinado was under house arrest in the Papelbol case, but that he was a “refugee” who had left the country.

In this case, the irregular hiring of a company to supply equipment to the state-owned company Papelbol is being investigated. The prosecutor stated that Peinado would have lobbied the rating committee to guide the hiring and caused approximately $ 14 million economic damage.

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The public prosecutor’s office presented the formal indictment back in 2016, but is still waiting for the hearing to begin. In addition, five other people are charged with Peinado.

In Chile, Peinado was rescued with his wife and pet in the Licancabur volcano sector. The former deputy minister applied for asylum in that country, claiming he was being politically persecuted.

The prosecutor in the case announced that she would ask the relevant authorities to lift Peinado’s house arrest. He expected the defendant to be declared a stubborn rebel and an arrest warrant to be issued.

For the trial, prosecutors requested Peinado to be imprisoned for eight years.

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