The public prosecutor orders Parada to be arrested in the case of phantom objects

Prosecutors yesterday issued an arrest warrant against former Santa Cruz mayor’s officer Antonio Parada, who is accused of manufacturing 800 phantom items and causing economic damage to the state for 200 million Bolivians. Meanwhile, former mayor Angélica Sosa announced through her lawyer that she would testify as a witness on Thursday.

Parada told a television channel that he was “in good custody” at the moment and did not want to be detained in order not to be “someone’s trophy” in time to dismiss the Ghost Items allegation, which he referred to as a made of blackmail. The complaint against the former HR manager was filed by his ex-wife Valeria Rodríguez.

Attorney General Gonzalo Aparicio said yesterday that he is conducting an ex officio investigation into Parada and his brother Guillermo for the crimes of legitimizing illicit profits, wasteful acts, state damaging contracts and breaches of duty.

Antonio Parada’s ex-partner said it was not blackmail as he was not asking for money. “I want him to show his face.”

“I don’t have to extort money from the father of my children,” said the woman in front of press inquiries in the capital, Santa Cruz. When asked about his ex-partner’s whereabouts, he said, “I swear if I knew (where he is) I would tell you, I want him to show his face,” he replied.

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Chamber of Deputies President Freddy Mamani announced yesterday that the case of the 800 ghost objects discovered in the Santa Cruz Mayor’s office is under investigation.

Meanwhile, a report by the Directorate-General for Migration found that Parada has not left the country.

Minister Eduardo del Castillo said the national government would continue the fight against corruption and misappropriation of resources of the Bolivian people. He pointed out that as part of the investigation, Deputy Anti-Corruption Minister Susana Ríos appeared to be aware of the investigation and that action was being taken.

Family theme

Rodríguez, who denounced the existence of the phantom objects, also made it clear that their struggle will focus on getting Parada family help for their children.

He convicted Tony Parada, among other things, of the alleged crimes of psychological harm as well as economic and domestic violence.

“I don’t care about the other case (regarding the phantom objects) whether it’s political, whether it’s seen by the authorities or the public prosecutor’s office. Yes, well, I said a lot of things, but it was because they opened up in my lawsuit of economic and patrimonial violence, “he added

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The case of the ghost items is also beginning to worry Santa Cruz councilors, who are putting their party differences aside and joining a commission to follow up. The president of the local council, Israel Alcócer, asked Antonio Parada to come forward to help resolve the case.

Proceedings reopened for Angélica Sosa

The Chief Public Prosecutor Gonzalo Aparicio announced that after the examination of the documentation of two incidents in the context of the 800 phantom object proceedings by the special commission investigating the matter, the investigation against the former interim mayor of the mayor’s office of Santa Cruz would be resumed.

He stated that this first complaint was made by the current Mayor Jhonny Fernández of that management on May 28th against Angélica Sosa, Sandra Velarde and Javier Cedeño for alleged crimes of wasteful behavior, abuse of influence, breach of duty, illegal appointments and others.


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