The public prosecutor ordered a case against the former mayoress Sosa in the case of the ghost objects

Prosecutors ordered the initiation of proceedings against the former mayor of Santa Cruz, Angélica Sosa, for allegedly 800 ghost objects that were allegedly produced during her tenure.

The special commission, consisting of the Chief Public Prosecutor Gonzalo Aparicio, the Director of Financial Management Roberto Almendra and the Director of the Prosecutor specializing in the fight against corruption, Aldrin Barrientos, traveled to the city of Santa Cruz over the weekend to monitor and evaluate the case of allegedly 800 phantom objects in the previous administration of the autonomous municipal government of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, according to a press release from the prosecutor.

The opening of a denounced case against the former mayor Sossa and that the investigation against the former official Antonio Parada Vaca will be continued, for which the work with two prosecutors from the city of Sucre will be stepped up.

“We would like to announce that this special commission has carried out the monitoring and assessment of two investigations into alleged acts of corruption in the Santa Cruz community, related to irregularities in various items identified and the recruitment of personnel.” explained Aparicio.

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As part of the evaluation of the preliminary investigation, the management of Mr. Jhonny Fernández Saucedo made a complaint for the first time against the former mayor Angélica Sossa and Messrs. Sandra Velarde and Javier Cedeño, who committed 28 crimes of uneconomic behavior, improper influence, breaches of duty, unlawful appointments as well as material and ideological falsehoods.

“After completing the analysis of the case and all the documents submitted in this process, the response to various tax requirements, which represent elements that allow the investigation to continue, will be reported to the public prosecutor’s office trained for this purpose.” Use of all expedient and pertinent investigation files to clarify the facts and the attribution of responsibility, which corresponds to all authors and participants in the self-negligence, “said the chief public prosecutor.

Aparicio pointed out that in this case all those denounced would be summoned in the next few hours to give their informative statements to the public prosecutor, including the former mayor Angélica Sossa. “Likewise, copies have been requested of the entire investigation record, on which the analysis and assessment of the performance of the functions of the prosecutors who knew it is carried out,” he said.

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On the other hand, on December 1, 2021, a second preliminary investigation was initiated ex officio against Mr Antonio Parada Vaca for the crimes of legitimizing illicit profits, wasteful behavior, state-damaging contracts and breach of duty, which was later extended against a further five people.

“As part of the work of this special commission in the context of this second investigation, the issuing of various information obligations was commissioned, including to the Financial Investigation Unit (UIF) for the corresponding report on financial informatics, to Real Rights and the mayor’s office for the purposes of the respective preventive asset notes. In this way, the respective arrest warrants and arrest warrants were established, ”added the chief public prosecutor.

She also stated that she had been obliged by the Office for the Protection of Victims and Witnesses of the Ministry of Public Affairs to grant the protective measures provided for in Law No. 458 in favor of one of the main witnesses in the trial.


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