The public prosecutor initiates proceedings against police officers in the event of a riot

After the public prosecutor of the department of Cochabamba initiated ex officio criminal proceedings against eight police officers for alleged crimes of sedition, public incitement to criminal offenses and breaches of duty as part of the so-called police riot trial in 2019, three of them took part in the anti-corruption court to declare yesterday.

“The summons was issued, three people appeared today (yesterday) to make statements. We act with the greatest objectivity, we assumed knowledge of a possible criminal offense, which must be investigated comprehensively and promptly, ”said prosecutor Nuria Gonzales. Vice Minister of Home Affairs Nelson Cox said the police prosecutor, which is continuing disciplinary proceedings against seven of these officers, has identified three alleged crimes: sedition, public incitement to commit a crime, and neglect.

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Captain Marcelo Gutiérrez, Captain Yvonne Barrenechea and Lieutenant Deymar Lima appeared this Thursday to make their informative statement, one of them abstaining.

“My client decided not to comment because we were not fully aware of the evidence presented, so the respective complaint was investigated. As soon as we learn of these alleged facts and crimes that my client would have committed, we will make the appropriate statement, ”said Gutiérrez’s lawyer.

Transparency and impartiality

Daniel Capriles asked Justice for transparency and impartiality. “They call us over and we will present ourselves to see why they initiate the process. Ensure transparency, ”he said in a brief contact with the press.

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Gonzales said the investigation is in the early stages. “There is not even a resolution of the allegation, but a knowledge of a possible commission of a crime,” he said.


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