The public prosecutor finds three cell phones in Yassir Molina's cell and is waiting for an expert opinion on their contents

Prosecutor General Juan Lanchipa reported this Wednesday that an operation was carried out in the morning in the San Roque prison in the city of Sucre and in the cells of the members of the youth of Cochala Resistance (RJC), Yasser Molina, according to a report from the prosecutor of the Chuquisaca department, Cellular devices have been found and in the next few hours the content of the information will be revealed and it will be determined who has been contacted.

“We have received information about an operation that was carried out this morning in San Roque Prison where cell phones were found in the cells where Mr. Yassir Molina is serving preventive detention. In the next few hours, the Chuquisaca Department Public Prosecutor’s Office will provide information on the content of the information on the cell phones found in Molina’s cell. For the time being, there is a report that there are three cell phones and regulations prohibit cell phone use, ”Lanchipa said, according to a press release.

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The attorney general added that a police report on the information content of cell phones is expected. Information is also collected from people who have had contact with Molina and who could have entered cell phones.

According to Law No. 2298 on Law Enforcement and Prosecution, in Article 74, paragraph 4, it indicates that the importation of weapons of any kind and the importation or importation of alcoholic beverages, controlled substances and other objects is prohibited by law, internal regulations , the latter also include cell phones.

On the same subject, the Prosecutor of the Chuquisaca Department, Mauricio Nava Morales, stated that he was awaiting the reports from the Government and Police Ministries so that the prosecutor in charge of the investigation into the resistance process, Juvenil Cochala, would know the details that the report may contain, and determine what conforms to the law.

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“In these cases, procedures must be followed and once the cell phones have been confiscated, they must be made known to the prosecutor and the judge so that they can be opened by computer and know why they were operated on with the cell phones and the commission assess their situation can, ”said Nava Morales.

The department’s prosecutor added that Jorge Valda was summoned as a witness to cooperate with the Santa Cruz Attorney General as part of the investigation into the damage inflicted on the Prosecutor General’s Office in October 2020 for the crime of the deterioration of state assets.


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