The public prosecutor denies that the OAS report is binding

Despite the ratification of the Organization of American States (OAS) on the malicious manipulation of data in the 2019 elections, the attorney general’s office closed the debate on the matter, denied the binding nature of the study, labeled it as “political” and is only referred to by him at the university To take into account the study commissioned by Salamanca, which concluded that the results of these elections have not changed.

Prosecutor General Edwin Quispe stated that “it would be inappropriate for the State Department to talk about documents that confine themselves to saying many things that may or may not be true, without verifiable evidence and, what is worse that have no technical basis “, alluding to the OAS election integrity report.

Since Quispe did not know the binding nature of the OAS document, he assured that this must be approved by the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP).

The document that the OAS issued on Monday to ratify the conclusions of its 2019 report states: “As in paragraph 6 of the agreement between the General Secretariat of the OAS and the Plurinational State of Bolivia on the analysis of electoral integrity in parliamentary elections on October 20, 2019 , the result of the report is binding for both parties. (…) The persistent violations of the agreement make clear the non-compliance with the commitments entered into within the framework of the inter-American system, ”says the OAS statement.

problem solved

Quispe said the “electoral fraud” case was a resolved issue for the public ministry and would not issue criteria for political or biased statements or documents regarding the events of the October 20, 2019 general election.

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For Carlos Alarcón, head of the Civic Community (CC), the disqualification of the OAS report by the public prosecutor’s office is “absurd and contradicting”.

“It is an absurdity and a total contradiction what the Secretary General of the Public Prosecutor’s Office claims because he takes the OAS’s binding report formally requested by the Bolivian state to the OAS General Secretariat as a simple indication that it is not worth paying more attention to and on the contrary, this private study of people from Salamanca, carried out by friends, regards them as complete and decisive evidence for the prosecution to determine the termination of the electoral fraud case, ”Alarcón told Panamericana Radio.

Spanish report

Quispe defended the conclusions of the Spanish Group’s report that “it is the technical-scientific findings and other aggregated elements that have been part of a comprehensive, public, objective and transparent criminal investigation, the validity and importance of which are indisputable. We will make it clear this is a resolved issue for the ministry and we will not enter into the debate with anyone.

This team is the Bisite Deep Tech Lab Research Group of the General Foundation of the University of Salamanca in Spain under the direction of engineer Juan Manuel Corchado.

The oasis

The report requested by the General Prosecutor’s Office is in contrast to the report submitted by the OAS on November 10, 2019, in which “very serious” irregularities in the procedure were found, such as the manipulation of the computer system used to transmit and calculate the results. Regarding the Spanish Group’s report, the OAS assured that the attempt to validate the irregularities and manipulations committed in the 2019 elections through “improvised studies” is a “grave affront” to democracy.

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The Bolivian ambassador to the OAS, Héctor Arce, confirmed yesterday, by ratifying his report, that Luis Almagro upholds illegality and direct interference in the country’s internal affairs with a “high political content”.

Official insists on “destabilization plan”

The Organization of American States (OAS) has released the document ratifying the conclusions of its report on the electoral integrity of the October 2019 elections, in which it claims that the results were manipulated to favor MAS candidate Evo Morales. However, the responses from the various actors in the governing party lack the technical strength to refute the international body.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the OAS is violating the sovereignty of Bolivia and interfering in internal judicial affairs with the aim of “coordinating processes of destabilization”.

The former departments and the Supreme Court see that the OAS report “seeks to support fallacies and baseless, misrepresented and malicious allegations, the purpose of which is to create chaos and destabilization”.

Finally, prosecutor Wilfredo Chavez says: “The OAS has betrayed the country.”


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