The public prosecutor assures that there were not seven reports to the report and that they were merely

The attorney general’s office confirmed that it had requested “additional information” from the Bisite Group of experts at the University of Salamanca and denied that there were seven different versions of the 2019 general election report.

A notice from the public prosecutor quoting the head of the institution’s communications department, José Luis Tarquino, indicates that they have “requested additional information such as advisory activities, a product that has been carried out honestly and transparently”. by the Commission of Experts and Scientists of the University of Salamanca ”.

Tarquino also denied that there was a ban on disseminating the report.

“When it comes to a consultation and the end product has been delivered to the prosecutor who distributed it to the victims and plaintiffs. There is no agreement, Bolivian legislation and recruitment procedures are being followed, ”said Tarquino.

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Juan Manuel Corchado, the author of the opinion with which the public prosecutor closed the case of electoral fraud, said that he never advised politicians or political parties and asked the Spanish journalist Alejandro Estraambasaguas to correct his publication, the public prosecutor said.

The OK Diario portal announced this morning that Corchado is an adviser to the former Spanish President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, one of the closest allies of the former President Evo Morales in the Iberian country; In addition, the University of Salamanca report had seven different versions before it was officially turned over to prosecutors


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