The prosecutor will announce the 2019 protocol review schedule for next week

Attorney General Wilfredo Chávez reported Wednesday that they are working on a timetable and methodology for reviewing the 35,000 minutes of the 2019 election process with the aim of “liquidating the fraud theory”. . “

“The review of the 35,000 minutes will have its methodology (…), in the following week we will announce the schedule and methodology for the review of the protocols. (…) to give the country an answer to the truth what happened and liquidate the fraud theory, “said the authority at a press conference.

Chavez assured that a public invitation will be issued next week to allow those interested to take part in this review of the 35,000 minutes of the 2019 national vote.

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She has also given assurance that all logs will be viewed without exclusion, especially those that have been or will be viewed as fraudulent.

“The logs that are being watched are checked with the national electoral count, it is the work that the OAS (Organization of American States) should and should not have done,” he said.

On August 28, the Attorney General’s Office released the State Comptroller Generals Office’s technical report, which found that the OAS had not conducted a review of past elections and was failing to comply with agreements with the state.

On August 30, the Supreme Electoral Court confirmed that the minutes are available in digital media and can be viewed by anyone, but assured that the electoral laws are ruled out and cannot be changed.

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