The prosecutor closes the UPEA case and the lawyer sentenced the accused are now free

Miguel Castaños, lawyer for the victims of those killed in the fall of a railing at the Public University of El Alto (UPEA), condemned that the case was closed by prosecutors after an agreement was reached that the accused should undergo abridged trial .

The incident occurred on March 2, when 11 UPEA students fell from the fifth floor of the finance department. Seven died and four were injured.

The fall came amid bumps at an illegally convened student assembly amid the pandemic.

“This case is closed, an agreement has been reached between the State Department, the rector of the university and the defendant to close the case,” the lawyer told Red Uno.

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He alleged that the victims’ defense had not been informed of the closure and that the seven defendants had undergone a condensed trial that resulted in short sentences so that they escaped custody and are now free.

“The relatives have not received any compensation, there is no civil liability.

The public ministry has ignored this right given to the victims, people with limited resources, ”said the lawyer.

He alleged that an appeal had been lodged to expand the investigation and that a response from the prosecutor was awaited.


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