The prosecution invites José Antonio Quiroga and Luis Vásquez to testify today in support of a coup

Attorney General Edwin Quispe confirmed yesterday that Luis Fernando Camacho, current governor of Santa Cruz and former president of the Santa Cruz Citizens Committee, will be called as witnesses in the investigation of the so-called “coup”, and Marco Pumari, a citizen from Potosí, according to the Oxygen portal.

List of 35

On the other hand, Quispe also reported that in the same case, José Antonio Quiroga, former National Political Coordinator of the Civic Community (CC), and Luis Vásquez Villamor, adviser to Jorge Quiroga Ramírez, will give testimony today in the quality of witnesses to the events that took place in November Recorded in Bolivia in 2019.

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According to official information from the prosecutor, Quispe assured that there is a list of 35 people who will be called as witnesses.


“Tomorrow (today) at 9:00 am, Mr. Luis Vásquez Villamor will make his informative statement in the case of the ‘coup d’état’ to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Department of La Paz and at 2:00 pm Mr. José Antonio Quiroga was summoned to give you your meaningful testimony hand in as a witness, “said Quispe.

The Secretary General urged the two named people to be accountable to the country and to the Bolivians, who need to know firsthand elements that explain the procedure followed in November 2019 to make the government of Jeanine Áñez possible.

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