The prosecution asks the TSE to report back once they have accredited Áñez as president

The public prosecutor applied to the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) for the accreditation of Jeanine Áñez as President of the Republic. The motion corresponds to the investigation initiated by the alleged coup in 2019.

The document, signed by Public Prosecutor Omar Mejillones on August 25, requires that it be announced whether Áñez has been appointed President, and if so, on what date and what resolution. It is also requested that a former president’s political acronym be given a duplicate copy of registration and accreditation.

“Report whether the citizen Jeanine Áñez Chávez has been appointed President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, if so, when is her appointment, by what resolution and the issuance of her credentials”, contains the document of the Ministry of Public Affairs, issued by. different media were shared.

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According to the same document, the electoral authority has a maximum of 48 hours to reach the public prosecutor of the department of La Paz.

The TSE is also required to report on whether the electoral body has credentials or accreditation from Áñez as President and if so, to send a copy of this document.

Jeanine Áñez – then second Vice President of the Senate – took over the presidency of the state on November 12, 2019 and fled into an alleged “presidential succession” after the resignation of former President Evo Morales, former Vice President Álvaro García Linera and the main legislative authorities.

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It was then that the electoral court was sealed and Evo Morales, prior to resigning on November 10, directed the Plurinational Legislative Assembly to appoint new members to hold a new election.

In addition, key electoral authorities were arrested or the judiciary escaped in case of suspected fraud in this year’s elections.


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