Citizens ratify the national strike on October 11th and social sectors affirm that it will be a failure

The Pro Santa Cruz Citizens’ Committee confirmed in a statement that the statements of its President Rómulo Calvo about Wiphala were “taken out of context” by the MAS media. The institution assured that it respects all national symbols.

“Given the claims made by some media outlets under the MAS leadership that have taken the statements of the President of the Pro Santa Cruz Civic Committee out of context, we ratify our respect for all national symbols and our Bolivian multiculturalism,” the statement said.

The document indicates that “Santa Cruz is the melting pot of Bolivianism, where all the cultures of the country come together in search of better days in this hospitable land”.

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Citizens condemn “the attempt of the central government and the MAS, which are only trying to create hatred and division by using the Wiphala for their own ends”.

Yesterday, the President of the Pro Santa Cruz Citizens’ Committee, Rómulo Calvo, called “ungrateful” and “crows” those who took part in the so-called “Wiphalazo”, stating that “a rag does nothing, a rag does not represent us.”


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