The prison system says he is

The Prison Directorate reported on Monday that it had “just” received the court order to transfer Marco Pumari to Cantumarca Prison in the city of Potosí.

Two weeks ago, the judiciary decided to transfer the former Ombudsman, who is preventively detained in Uncí prison for allegedly obstructing the 2019 election process.

The national prison director, Juan Carlos Limpias, confirmed that the transfer would take place this week and that the transfer order had “recently” reached Uncía.

“It wasn’t going to happen this week (Pumari’s transfer). We believe that the orders we have received have always been fulfilled. That is the difference from what often manifests itself. In this sense, we are very responsible for complying with what the competent authority specifies, ”he said.

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The leadership of the Potosinist Citizens’ Committee (Comcipo) condemned the government preventing Pumari’s transfer to Cantumarca.

Roxana Graz, head of civil society, said the prison regime had pressured Cantumarca inmates to protest Pumari’s arrival, but inmates had declined their requests.


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