The prison regime says that Áñez's medical studies will be conducted in prison

The prison director, Juan Carlo Limpias, confirmed this Wednesday afternoon that the medical studies requested by former President Jeanine ñez will be carried out in Miraflores prison in La Paz, where he was in the case of the alleged coup.

Áñez was brought from the emergency room to the regional council’s thoracic hospital at noon to undergo cardiological examinations according to a condition of the public prosecutor’s office.

However, Norca Cuéllar, the former president’s attorney, denounced that the prison regime had taken Áñez to the medical center only to show that he had complied with prosecutor’s orders but that none of the required tests were actually carried out.

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Limpias claimed that Áñez was “stable” and that the doctor who examined her did not recommend hospitalization, but she continued to take medication.

“The cardiologist recommended studies and examinations in prison. We understand prisoners’ discomfort at wanting to leave and remove them. With that in mind, we’re bringing the lab workers here to take the samples, “he said.

He called for the prison system to “trust the medical staff”.

In defense of the former president, the government does not want Áñez to escape prison because it is a political “trophy”.

Relatives of Áñez denounced that the ex-president’s health was complicated and that she urgently needed to be hospitalized.

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Áñez has been in custody since March, charged with the alleged coup.


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