The President of the MPs assures that the decision of the Inter-American Court of Justice does not recommend legal proceedings

House of Representatives President Freddy Mamani assured this Monday that the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (Inter-American Court of Justice) opinion that stated that unlimited re-election is not a human right does not recommend any legal process or any specific one Bolivia-directed address, so that its application must be examined in the future and not retrospectively by the Plurinational Constitutional Court (TCP).

Last week, the decision of the Inter-American Court of Justice, which ruled on an indefinite re-election, was announced, and the opposition and civic groups initiated proceedings against those who supported Evo Morales’ fourth candidacy in 2019.

For Mamani, these inquiries want to “confuse the people”, because “this judgment does not refer to Bolivia and does not recommend any legal process”.

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He said that TCP “needs to give its opinion on the document” and that in the case of Bolivia, its application cannot be reviewed “in five or ten years” when the MAS sees if it comes up for a third re-election.

“We’re starting, we haven’t even completed the first term of the first government. Then it is discussed whether the re-election of Brother Luis Arce is possible or not and if so, we would have to see another five years in the management to see if there is a re-election, ”he indicated, indicating that the expert opinion applies to the future.

“We do not understand that some political forces are launching in utter desperation that Evo Morales will no longer have to run for office in 2025. They want to misinform,” he said.

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He said the MAS is now focused on economic reactivation, fighting the pandemic and seeking justice for the 2019 dead, so no candidates are considered.


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