The President of the MEPs says that the regulations on

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Freddy Mamani, urged the Bolivian population on Wednesday to visit vaccination centers because of the threat from Covid-19. He claimed that measures were being analyzed to “make the rules that require you to carry your vaccination card” “too flexible”.

“We see how we can make vaccination cards more flexible so that no problems arise. At no point did we point out that the vaccination had to be done by force, but rather the will of each individual. “One,” he confirmed.

In the past few days, several sectors had spoken out against the vaccination card. Farmers marched and El Alto citizens announced a strike.

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Mamani claimed the virus was “not kidding” and asked to visit vaccination centers.

“This is not a ‘joke’ as the disease has killed thousands of Bolivians. Go to the people’s conscience. At this moment, we among all Bolivians must take care of one another to take care of the health of the Bolivian family,” he said .

With infections increasing across the country, he urged citizens to take responsibility by applying biosecurity measures.

“This is not a joke, because there are infected sisters and brothers who lose their lives. We have to take responsibility, we go to the vaccination centers, ”he confirmed.

He stated that the highest authorities are analyzing other measures to reduce infections and encourage vaccination in people.

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He regretted that some groups had made it their business to call protests against the vaccination campaigns, which threaten the health of the Bolivian people.


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