The president asks for submission and discipline to the new chief of the army

The new Commander of the Armed Forces (FFAA) Augusto García said yesterday that he would contribute to justice through the involvement of the military during the October and November 2019 political crisis. Meanwhile, President Luis Arce has held three new commanders to the Military High Command demanding submission and discipline in order to uphold the “honor” of this military institution.

In addition to García, Teófilo Medina was used as the random Chief of the General Staff and Francis Efraín Frank Salazar as the random commander of the Bolivian Navy.

García assured that the military personnel identified in the report of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) had “intuitively (in attentiveness or for personal reasons)” taken actions that violated the state’s political constitution in November 2019.

The new military chief indicated that the military institution will contribute to justice in the investigation into the involvement of the military during the political crisis of 2019, in accordance with laws, regulations and norms.

The owned agency said Monday that it is accepting the commitment after the GIEI investigation into the events in Bolivia between September and December 2019 fully identified the members of the armed forces who participated in the events that mourned Bolivian families .

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“The armed forces will cooperate with the judiciary in accordance with our laws, regulations and norms, as these acts have violated the political constitution of the state and the organic law of the armed forces by taking acts of an intuitive personal nature,” said Garcia.

He also stated that the fundamental mission of the armed forces is “to defend and maintain the independence, security and stability of the state, honor and national sovereignty, to ensure constitutional statehood and to ensure the stability of the lawfully formed government”.

The new commander referred to the issue in his speech at the inauguration ceremony of the Military High Command when trials of several soldiers involved in the resignation of then President Evo Morales broke out.


Arce said the military that took part in what he calls a “coup” in 2019 has betrayed the main tenet of this military institution, which is “honor.”

He also called on the country’s judiciary to act quickly to punish “bad soldiers serving illegitimate authorities”.

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He made two recommendations to the military command, the first that they should not “neglect” their duties and discipline even in moments of relaxation.

The second was that if a military officer is summoned to testify for the events of 2019, “on moral grounds, out of military honor, he must ambush like any ordinary citizen to defend himself,” “without charge or appointment worthwhile.” close”.

Three new authorities

In a ceremony in the Casa Grande del Pueblo in La Paz, the Bolivian President, along with Prime Minister María Nela Prada and Defense Minister Edmundo Novillo, took possession of three military chiefs.

It is about Major General Augusto García as the new random commander in chief of the armed forces,

The three officers took their oath before Arce, who called on them in his speech to uphold values ​​such as “subordination and discipline” for this institution.

“When there is subordination and discipline in the armed forces, the stability of the legitimately formed government is guaranteed, but when it (…) is absent in state and society, chaos and insecurity can reign,” said Arce.


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