The police take a person for the death of the girl Darlin.  fixed

Almost two months after the disappearance and subsequent crime of the girl Darlin Chávez Merubia (4), the Bolivian police arrested a male for investigative purposes on Wednesday afternoon in the city of Hierba Buena in Santa Cruz Department.

The Darlin girl was found dead on July 23 this year after being declared missing about a week earlier after an intensive search among family members and police officers. The perpetrators of the kidnapping and the subsequent murder have not yet been identified.

This afternoon, the arrested person struggled, according to a report from the Unitel network. This man has been transferred to the city of Santa Cruz for questioning.

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Videos broadcast on social networks show plainclothes police officers taking those arrested in a white van.

The police carried out at least two raids. One in a house near where the minor’s lifeless body was found. No person was arrested at this location.

Police officers later went to the house where the person was arrested to conduct the investigation.


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