The police report

Jhonny Aguilera, commander of the National Police, reported this Monday that the national strike against the anti-legitimation law has been partially met with protests in Santa Cruz and, to a lesser extent, in La Paz and Cochabamba.

“In La Paz there is absolute normality in the development of activities, especially transport, we want to guarantee free breathability. In Cochabamba and Santa Cruz there are sporadic blockages that are monitored, ”said Aguilera.

He pointed out that there were two blockade points with “15 people” in the government headquarters and that the police were already on duty to raise this protest.

He said that reinforcements would be stationed at all blockade points and that action would be taken if necessary.

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He stated that all police personnel were billeted and ready to carry out their constitutional mandate.

He reported blockades in Warnes and Montero and some points in the city of Cochabamba.

Trade unions, civic organizations and other sectors have called on a strike today to reject the law against the legitimation of illegal profits, which they believe is unconstitutional.


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